Voluntary Company Deregistration

Have you successfully run your company for many years and no longer require it? You may have sold the business, or the Company may have simply reached the end of its useful life, with no assets available to distribute to shareholders.

Voluntary company deregistration is a cost-effective and simple option to conclude your company affairs or simplify your corporate structure.

This process ensures that the company in question is no longer in existence and is removed from the company register maintained by ASIC. Voluntary company deregistration also means that your legal obligations as a company officeholder come to an end.

While the process is simple and cost-effective, the company or companies must comply with the requirements for voluntary deregistration and distribute any assets. That who remain in the company will vest in ASIC upon deregistration. It is also important to ensure that any creditor claims, including taxes and other obligations, are met.

At 1300INDEBT, we offer company deregistration services. The service includes an overall review of the company or group of companies to ensure that the above factors have been dealt with and that the company in question meets the relevant criteria for voluntary deregistration with ASIC.

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