Tax Debt Negotiation

We understand that the cash flow pressures of running a business can sometimes result in the accumulation and non-payment of tax debts to the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) and State Revenue Office.

The non-payment of these debts can result in various actions by the ATO against the company, including the garnishing of company bank accounts, issuing of statutory demands, or winding up proceedings seeking the company’s forced liquidation. They may also result in personal liability of company directors by way of Director Penalty Notices (“DPN”).

We deal with the ATO daily and have significant experience negotiating payment arrangements or settlements of tax debts with the ATO and State Revenue Office. We also have the ability to contact senior officers in the complex debt sections of the ATO, and these officers are often the decision makers that the general population may find difficult to reach.

If you have received correspondence from the ATO or State Revenue Office regarding:

  • Unpaid Income Tax, PAYG or GST.
  • Unpaid Superannuation Guarantee Charge.
  • Director’s Penalty Notice.
  • Adjusted Income Tax, PAYG or GST due to an ATO Audit.
  • Unpaid Payroll Tax.
  • Unpaid Stamp Duty or Levies.
  • Payroll Tax Grouping Notice.
  • Statutory Demand for payment of unpaid taxes.
  • Winding up Application.

Then please note that some of these notices have strict timeframes for a response by the Company and dire consequences if those deadlines are not met. So, if you suspect you’ve received an important ATO notice, please don’t delay contacting the 1300INDEBT team to discuss your options. The sooner you act, the more options you will have.


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